What we do.

People want to understand how to grow their money. But the traditional investment world can sometimes seem confusing and inaccessible.

We want to make investing simple, fair, and transparent for everyone.

With three simple investment plans, you can invest directly for a target return in a plan that fits your attitude to risk.

We have replaced annual management fees for a fair performance fee. You are only charged when we are delivering performance over and above your target return.

We believe in transparency. We have replaced jargon and complex reporting with an online dashboard that keeps you in control.


Investment team.

Legal & PR.

Our experience.

Everyone in our team has one thing in common. We have come together to make investing simple.

The team combines decades of experience in investment management and senior client management at some of the largest investment firms in the world, including Bank of America, Harvard University, BlackRock, and Investec.